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We are obviously very excited about our new building, and one of the best parts was all the wide open space!  Too much open space can be counter-productive, though, so we decided to give our graphic designers a little more privacy with a hanging wall.

It serves a dual purpose--first of all, it gives the creative people a more private area to do their work.  Secondly, it gives the rest of us a place to show off their work!


Our creative team was responsible for all of the designs on each of the panels.  As you can see, some of the panels also feature other projects we have done.


This isn't the first hanging wall we have done.  Our sister company, Midstates, Inc. has a hanging wall that separates some accounting and scheduling people from the hustle of the main hallway and entry way.  The athletic department at Northern State University also utilized a hanging wall to separate some desks from the main area.  You can see more pictures of it on our facebook page.

The actual construction of the wall is very simple and lightweight.  The panels are even hung together with binder rings!  What do you think of our hanging wall?  What would you put on yours if you were to make one?  We'd love to hear in the comments!

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