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Construction Progress

Last week, all the QQP employees got a tour of the new building.  Construction is progressing right on schedule, and with the walls up, we can see how the new location will look!  Come along on a virtual tour:

The entrance is on the south side of the building along 6th Ave.  Immediately insides the door, you can go right to the space for the tenant or left into the new QQP.

In that empty space to the left is where the front desk will be:

The part with the insulation up will be part of digital printing/finishing, and the wall directly behind Justin will be storage.

The west side of the front will be where the marketing reps sit.  Justin is showing where a desk with go RIGHT HERE!  There will be another desk on the opposite side of the divider.

The window behind Justin is where the conference room will be—expect to have some roomy meetings with us that won’t be interrupted by someone else needing to use the conference room!

Just behind the conference room is the office area where outside sales, marketing reps, and graphic designers will sit.  The doorway in the back goes into the production area.

This is the view to the front of the store from the office area.  The square hole in the wall way up front will be a window.  There will be new matching windows on both sides of the front of the building.

This is the far back north side of the building.  Where the scissor lift is, there will be printing presses!  The QQP Signs install bay will be on the opposite side of the wall.  You can see where an overhead door is going to go.

Now we are turned around and heading back toward the entrance.  See where the guy is finishing the drywall?  That’s the backside of the office space from earlier.  This view shows the HUGE space we are going to have to work with!

This is the same area from a different angle.  Digital, large format, and finishing equipment will all fit here.  The tenant space fills what is on the left side.  There will also be bathrooms and storage within that framed-up area. 

If you head toward the yellow wall, it will take you right up front to the retail area where we came in.  Some of the things that weren’t pictured include extra office space for employees to use, areas for customers to chat with marketing reps when they come in, and a big break room!

Check back for more updates as we get them!  We hope you are as excited to visit our new location as we are.

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