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Spring is here in Northeast South Dakota--or at least it will be soon.  The signs are everywhere:  Twist Cone opened, March Madness is going on, and we just got hit by a late-March blizzard.  Another sign here at QQP is that we are wrapping up bull book season.

January, February, and March are busy for our customers who put on annual spring bull sales.  The sales usually start in January, and the last ones finish up in April.  Our customers who have these sales print bull sale catalogs which we like to call "Bull Books."  The customers work with our marketing reps and graphic designers on quotes, design and layout, and lots of proofing.  When the artwork is finalized, we print the books, which are usually (but not always) saddle-stitched, and either mail them out to our customers' mailing list or have them shipped or picked up in store.  They usually go out a couple weeks before the sale.

A random sampling of some of the projects from this spring.

Some customers choose to print just the catalogs.  Others also do flyers, business cards, and banners.  Some choose to have giveaways at their sales.  Some of our past projects include embroidered jackets and hats, flyswatters, and coffee cups.

Do you have an annual spring bull sale?  Contact us for more information on how we can help you with printing and other projects!



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