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Virtual Tour

Construction Progress

Last week, all the QQP employees got a tour of the new building.  Construction is progressing right on schedule, and with the walls up, we can see how the new location will look!  Come along on a virtual tour:

The entrance is on the south side of the building along 6th Ave.  Immediately insides the door, you can go right to the space for the tenant or left into the new QQP.

In that empty space to the left is where the front desk will be:

The part with the insulation up will be part of digital printing/finishing, and the wall directly behind Justin will be storage.

The west side of the front will be where the marketing reps sit.  Justin is showing where a desk with go RIGHT HERE!  There will be another desk on the opposite side of the divider.

The window behind Justin is where the conference room will be—expect to have some roomy meetings with us that won’t be interrupted by someone else needing to use the conference room!

Just behind the conference room is the office area where outside sales, marketing reps, and graphic designers will sit.  The doorway in the back goes into the production area.

This is the view to the front of the store from the office area.  The square hole in the wall way up front will be a window.  There will be new matching windows on both sides of the front of the building.

This is the far back north side of the building.  Where the scissor lift is, there will be printing presses!  The QQP Signs install bay will be on the opposite side of the wall.  You can see where an overhead door is going to go.

Now we are turned around and heading back toward the entrance.  See where the guy is finishing the drywall?  That’s the backside of the office space from earlier.  This view shows the HUGE space we are going to have to work with!

This is the same area from a different angle.  Digital, large format, and finishing equipment will all fit here.  The tenant space fills what is on the left side.  There will also be bathrooms and storage within that framed-up area. 

If you head toward the yellow wall, it will take you right up front to the retail area where we came in.  Some of the things that weren’t pictured include extra office space for employees to use, areas for customers to chat with marketing reps when they come in, and a big break room!

Check back for more updates as we get them!  We hope you are as excited to visit our new location as we are.

A Lot of Bull

Spring is here in Northeast South Dakota--or at least it will be soon.  The signs are everywhere:  Twist Cone opened, March Madness is going on, and we just got hit by a late-March blizzard.  Another sign here at QQP is that we are wrapping up bull book season.

January, February, and March are busy for our customers who put on annual spring bull sales.  The sales usually start in January, and the last ones finish up in April.  Our customers who have these sales print bull sale catalogs which we like to call "Bull Books."  The customers work with our marketing reps and graphic designers on quotes, design and layout, and lots of proofing.  When the artwork is finalized, we print the books, which are usually (but not always) saddle-stitched, and either mail them out to our customers' mailing list or have them shipped or picked up in store.  They usually go out a couple weeks before the sale.

A random sampling of some of the projects from this spring.

Some customers choose to print just the catalogs.  Others also do flyers, business cards, and banners.  Some choose to have giveaways at their sales.  Some of our past projects include embroidered jackets and hats, flyswatters, and coffee cups.

Do you have an annual spring bull sale?  Contact us for more information on how we can help you with printing and other projects!



QQP Moving Update

The countdown to the new QQP location is on!  As of today, we have fewer than 90 days until we move into our new building.  We are excited, and we hope our customers are too!  There are going to be many advantages in the new building--more space, centralized location, all of our production employees back with us again, and did we mention more space?

Of course, everyone has questions about such a big change.  Here are some FAQs about the move.

Will the Post Office Move?  Yes--it will be larger and have more space and packaging items available.


When will this move take place?  Tentative move date of June 1, 2014.


What will change for the customer?  All of our production will be in-house now, so jobs will have faster turn around times.  Plus, a lot more space!  The new building is 25,000 sq ft, and we currently only have 4,000.

How many employess will be there?  Over 45!


Will there be a tenant?  Yes, we are allowing for up to 2500 sq ft for a tenant.


What are you most excited to see in our new building? 


QQP Website

2014 is a big year for Quality Quick Print!  As you may already know, we will be moving into the Slumberland building later this year.  We have been making other changes, too.  If you haven't been in our store for a few months, you will notice that almost everyone is sitting in a new spot.  We got a new phone system, and most of us have direct lines now.  We all got new e-mail addresses.  That leads us to another one of our changes--this website!

We want to hear what you think of the new QQP website.  There is a link to the survey at the top of the page (or click here).  The first 25 people to submit feedback will be entered to win a Subway gift card.

We are making these changes to better serve our customers, so please let us know!  Keep checking back here for updates on what's going on at QQP.  You can also follow us on facebook, twitter, or pinterest!

Personalization Customers Love

Do you know a book person?  The person who has kept every single book they have ever read?  And they tend to get defensive when you suggest that e-Books would take up less space?

Do you wish your customers would react that way with your direct mail pieces?  Direct mail is probably never going to get the same emotional response and attachment that a great novel would, but you can give it more meaning by personalizing it with variable data printing (VDP).

Personalized direct mail pieces have a much higher response rate (9.3% on average) than static direct mail pieces (3.1% on average).  One of Quality Quick Print’s most successful VDP campaigns was a Valentine’s card that we had printed on shimmery paper.

The inside was also personalized with an offer:

We had a great response rate on the call to action.  Some of our customers even called to tell us they were displaying it on their desks since it was the only Valentine they got!

It may not be a treasured book on a shelf, but customers can still love your personalized direct mail pieces!


Tradeshow Season

It’s that time of year again—tradeshow season!  East coast, west coast, and even here in Aberdeen, winter and spring is prime time to have a booth or even just visit a tradeshow.

Have you ever been looking for something in particular at a tradeshow and couldn’t find the vendor because of a lack of branding?  Or has your booth been lost in the hubbub of bigger, brighter booths?  Tradeshows are great opportunities to meet your customers face-to-face or to meet potential customers.  It is important to make a good first impression.

  1. Is your booth easy to see?  Large and simple trumps small and busy.  You might have a lot of products to offer, but for a tradeshow, aim for a simple, easy-to-read message to lure customers in.
  2. How is the lighting?  Some tradeshows are in bright expo buildings, others in darker tents.  It is worth it to invest in lights that attach to the top of your displays.
  3. Do you have a worthwhile promo item?  Think of something unique to your business that customers will keep in front of them.  According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, 80% of customers can identify you from a promo item. 
  4. Are you smiling?  Tradeshow, especially when slow, can be boring and frustrating for vendors.  You are more likely to get approached if you are smiling and make eye contact with people!

   Need some help with a tradeshow display?  Contact us 605-226-2541

QQP moving into Slumberland building

QQP has received some press for it's upcoming move in the summer of 2013:

Slumberland Furniture of Aberdeen is holding a “$2,000,000 Lost Lease Liquidation” sale because, in the spring, the furniture retailer will no longer be in the same Sixth Avenue location.

Justin Feickert, vice president of sales and marketing at Midstates Inc., said  Quality Quick Print will be moving from its current location into the Slumberland building, 2217 Sixth Ave. S.E.

Slumberland’s owners, meanwhile, will be looking for a new building.

Quality Quick Print’s building, at 1923 Sixth Ave. S.E. No. 104, and the Slumberland building are both owned by Sixth Avenue Plaza Management LLC, Feickert said. Sixth Avenue Plaza Management is owned by the Feickert family.

Read the entire Aberdeen American News article here.

QQP is excited to announce our newest product!

QQP is excited to announce our newest product – MIM: Marketing Inventory Management.  

It is a simple online ordering system for busy purchasing agents and print buyers to access their marketing materials. Watch the video to learn more:


QQP is a family-owned and operated company with more than 30 years of experience in the printing industry.

What once began as a quick print company in the late 1970s slowly evolved into a print and mail house in the 1990s and now into the robust communications and multimedia solutions company it is today!

QQP is dedicated to fast turnarounds, a diverse product offer and client based solutions. Our goal is to consult with you to find the best solution for your needs and execute a clear and concise plan. We'll take your project at any stage and produce results. We can help with one copy or a 100,000 copies, full color, black and white, binding and variable data printing– we are equipped to do it all!